Sensorem security alarm

A safer everyday life

Alarm button - If the alarm button is pressed, the user's relatives are called in a predefined order. If no one answers, the call is connected to Sensorem's emergency number (open 24/7)

Location - GPS Tracker - see user's GPS location anytime. Works both indoors and outdoors

Calls - The security alarm has a built-in SIM card and is a watch that you can call with. It is possible to call both to and from the watch with a simple push of a button

Design - Stylish smart watch - nothing to suggest that it contains security alarms

Staffed alarm center - If none of the senior's relatives answer, the call is connected to Sensorem's alarm center, which is always open around the clock!

App for relatives - The user's relatives get access to Sensorem's app which sends out important messages and shows the user's location

Low battery warning - The watch warns both the user and relatives (through the app) if the battery level falls below 20%

Easy installation - No complicated application process through public authorities required - the watch can be with you within days. Everything is pre-programmed and the watch is ready to start using upon delivery!


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