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Solidea Silver Wave Corsaro

619 kr
619 kr

Knee-length pants that are ideal for physical activity in the gym and outdoors. They are soft, comfortable and suitable to be worn all day. The product is suitable for managing and easing the return flow in veins and lymph to prevent one or more circulatory disorders. The product is suitable as an aid in the treatment of orange skin (cellulite). The product is made of special bacteriostatic thread which, thanks to constantly and permanently released silver ions, guarantees the maintenance of the skin's biological balance, allows the skin to breathe naturally and counteracts the secretion of bad odors. In addition, the tissue's special wave pattern exerts a gentle and effective micromassage on the skin that reactivates microcirculation. The tissue's active micromassage produces light furrows in the skin, which is a sign of its draining effect. The furrows disappear within a few hours and the skin becomes smooth and free of excess fluid.