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TENA Bed Secure Zone Mattress protector 180x80

399 kr
399 kr

The soft TENA Bed Secure Zone Plus is a reliable bed cover for incontinence. In case of accidental urine leaks or bedwetting, it protects mattresses, chairs, sofas or wheelchairs. The surface remains dry and provides leakage protection thanks to the absorbent core and the waterproof underside. The Secure Zone pattern absorbs liquid in different sections that are encapsulated by super absorbent microbeads. The bed cover in adult size is dermatologically tested to feel comfortable when you sit down or rest. TENA Bed Secure Zone Plus is available in several different sizes to suit different needs. This has wings that can be folded under the mattress 180x80 20 pcs.

  • Microbeads
  • Extra protection
  • Absorbent core