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Tena Pants Extra Incontinence Protection

299 kr
299 kr
Designed for women and men, TENA Pants Extra is a soft and comfortable incontinence pant protector with moisture-reducing technology that ensures high absorbency, leakproofness and protection against odor. TENA Pants ProSkin is a pant protector with a fit that feels like regular underwear and is perfect for both women and men with full or partial mobility. The pant protector is made of a fabric-like, breathable material and has a core with good absorbency that protects against medium to very large urine leaks. FeelDry Advanced™ quickly and effectively removes liquid from the surface and the super absorbent core encapsulates moisture, helping to preserve natural skin health. With anti-leakage barriers for added protection and Odor Neutralizer for discretion, these absorbent disposable underwear encourage active living.

TENA ProSkin Pants are available in several sizes, and in many different absorption levels.

  • Triple protection for good skin health
  • FeelDry Advanced™
  • Stretch material for the best fit